When Mike Olivieri was in search of a pitching coach for his nine year old, he came across the name of left-handed pitching coach, Mike Grady. One phone call later, and Mikey Olivieri had his first private lesson scheduled with Coach Grady at Hall of Fame Fitness Center. Grady was the epitome of a private instructor; patient, kind, and personable. He quickly developed a relationship with Mikey and has been coaching him ever since.

Olivieri believed in Grady’s mission to develop his young son as a pitcher. Grady taught him proper warm up techniques, correct form and mechanics, strategies for reading game time situations, almost importantly, how to care for his arm. Grady has worked with several young men and has helped develop them as pitchers, many of whom have gone on to college careers. It was the foundation of his program that encouraged Olivieri to invest in Grady.


Mike Olivieri (left) and Mike Grady (right)

Olivieri had approached Grady several times about the idea of  partnering and opening up a facility, but initially Grady was reluctant. A few months had passed and Grady decided he was ready to venture out and partner with Olivieri to develop a facility where they could provide young athletes with an opportunity to increase their speed, quickness, and agility.

One night over dinner, the Olivieri’s and the Grady’s decided that Velocity Sports would be the name of their new facility housed in Jackson Township. As a result of that conversation, Velocity Sports took shape. It was no longer a dream, but a reality. velostaff

It wasn’t long before the hunt for the perfect space was on. Olivieri’s construction knowledge and experience helped to find a centralized location, and Grady’s baseball background was pivotal in creating a space for young athletes to train as well as bringing together an experienced coaching staff to work with them. Olivieri Contracting, Inc. completed the facility build out in just a little over three months, and Velocity was open for business.

-Post written by Amy Oliveri

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